Bricor Elite-E Low Flow 5L/min Shower Head

Bricor Elite-E Low Flow 5L/min Shower Head

The Bricor Elite – E shoer head is a solid brass, aerating 5L/min shower head suitable for low flow applications on larger capacity hydronic systems.

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This low-flow shower head is perfect for cabins, boats, and other situations where water conservation is essential, but the ultra max shower head (2L/min flow) is just a bit too low. The ultra-low flow shower heads match our higher capacity marine and cabin hydronic systems but are unsuitable for the Genesis hot water, which should be used with the ultra-flow flow shower head.

Bricor’s shower heads save money on water consumption and help resolve lower water pressure found in boats, caravans, and RVs. The powerful release from the vacuum chamber creates a pressure-boosting effect that counters the weak flow stream accompanying low water pressure.

By reducing hot water consumption, Bricor’s patented aeration technology significantly lowers heating fuel costs. Choosing our 5 L/min showerhead saves water, energy, and money.