DH15 Hydronic Diesel Hot Water System with Eberspacher D5E HS3 Furnace

DH15 Hydronic Diesel Hot Water System with Eberspacher D5E HS3 Furnace

The unique DH15 Hydronic diesel hot water system provides fast hot water and optional air heating in the coldest of conditions in a super robust form.  Say goodbye to the hassles, risk (in boats) and cost of LPG and enjoy the benefits of hot water and air heating from one compact setup when free camping, sailing or off the grid. Powered by the latest HS3 furnace by Eberspacher, this is the quietest, most robust and most versatile system ever.

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The DH15 replaces the DH12, Lifestyle Equipment and Supplies' most popular diesel hot water system; with super-fast heat-up time, the DH15 will provide a sink full of hot water or a continuous shower at 2.5L/min within 9-10 min of a cold start.

The beautifully engineered D5E HS3 furnace from Eberspacher modulates its heat output from 1.3 to 5kW, so the DH15 works with a small coolant volume while avoiding excessive cycling, minimizing noise and power consumption.

The DH15 is sold pre-assembled and tested for easy installation. The kit includes the genuine Eberspacher installation kit with wiring, fuel line, exhaust, inlet air silencer, and on/off switch.  The Eberspacher Easystart Pro controller can also be purchased separately.

The DH15 has the following features

  • All 316 stainless steel, suitable for caravans and boats
  • Insulated dual skin tank retains heat for efficient operation
  • Compact design fits in tight spaces
  • Pre-assembled and tested for easy installation
  • Fast heat-up time, around 9-10min from cold
  • Integrated air heating (optional)
  • Includes Watermark-approved tempering valve and plate heat exchanger to ensure hot water is always delivered at safe temperatures

Pair the DH15 with a Bricor Ultra Max low flow shower head for super water-wise showers – 0nly 2.5L/min, great for a caravan or boat with limited water. Alternatively, use the Bricor Elite shower head for a more luxurious 4-5L/min shower.

Adding a Kalori fan head to the DH15 diesel hot water becomes an effective air heater, giving off up to 4kW of air heating from the single quiet Kalori Silencio 2 fan head.

The advantages of the brand-new Eberspacher D5E HS3 Furnace include the following:

  • much quieter in terms of the combustion fan and overall noise
  • uses the new Eberspacher super quiet fuel pump (no ticking sound)
  • drops to low power much faster, so re-starts are much gentler and quieter.
  • Longer service life – 3000 hours is claimed.
  • stepless power output from 1.3 to 5kW
  • When using fan heads for air heating, as long as the fan head is dissipating over 1.3kW, it won’t cycle at all, and at low power, it is as quiet as an air heater
  • Soft start water pump that primes more easily
  • Improved water and dust resistance
  • Excellent installation kit

Kits now include the high-temperature silicon floor plate to get the exhaust through the floor with a dust/waterproof seal.

System Performance

Time to useable hot water from cold start: 9min

Time to fully hot: 14min

Regeneration time between showers: 7min

Length of shower assuming 30-degree temp rise using Dieselheat shower heads:

Bricor UltraMax 2.5L/min @ 40PSI: >15min

Bricor Elite 4L/min @ 40PSI:   7min

Length of time the system can achieve a 30 deg temperature rise:

2L/min – >15min

3L/min – 13min

4L/min – 6min

5L/min – 3 min

These numbers are all affected by ambient temperature installation layout and assume no concurrent air heating, so they should be taken as a guide.

Useful Dimensions

Bare Tank including cap:

340W x 320H x 220D

Tank with tempering valve installed:

400W x 320H x 220D

Full system allowing for installation brackets, furnace, and plumbing fittings (required space):

450W x 320H x 340D

Note: Allow space or access above to fill the tank with coolant.

The pre-assembled and tested hot water system base kit includes:

  • insulated 15L hot coolant tank
  • Eberspacher diesel hot water furnace
  • combustion air silencer
  • exhaust system
  • silicon exhaust plate
  • tempering valve
  • wiring loom
  • fuel pump and fuel line
  • on/off toggle switch

Note: The system is not shipped with coolant. The purchaser must fill the tank using a standard automotive corrosion-resisting coolant mix.



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