Kenyon Replacement Grate

Kenyon Replacement Grate

The grate is perfect for grilling steak, sausages and any other food you would like to remain fat free.

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The foundation of all of our grilling secrets begins with the patented innovation found in our grate. The unique engineering under the grate makes our grills heat faster, while the surface of the grate makes each of our grills the most energy-efficient experience you’ve ever tried. Typical electric grills have the heating element beneath the cooking grate with a separation between the two of about an inch. This causes two problems, heat loss and flare-ups when drippings fall and contact the hot element. By adding a concealed channel to the bottom of our grate, it allows for the grate to rest directly on top of the element, which results in zero heat loss and eliminates the chance for flare-ups!

*This is a direct replacement for grates on all Kenyon Grills*

  • Model #: B96002