Kenyon SilKEN® Grill Lid

Kenyon SilKEN® Grill Lid

The SilKEN® Grill Lid is perfect when you are short on space as it collapses down when not in use.

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Grilling with a lid is a necessity, but onboard space can be limited.  There’s no need to compromise the quality of grilled food due to tight quarters with the NEW patent-pending collapsible SilKEN® Grill Lid.  Using high-temperature silicone, the lid can collapse accordion-style to a height of two inches and be removed for storage.  The insulation quality of the high-temperature silicone allows for swift and even heat, while the lid helps to prevent accidental burns.

Ideal for all grill applications, the lid has two handles, one on top and one on the front edge, and vents on three sides.  Use the top handle for the lift-off lid.  Cleaning is easy with a wet paper towel.

  • Model #:
    • B96018 (Lift-Off Lid)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 29 × 11 cm