Mini Carbon Monoxide Alarm Flush Mount

Mini Carbon Monoxide Alarm Flush Mount

Price Enquires

  • Microprocessor technology programmed to detect Carbon Monoxide levels using Time Weighted
    Average (TWA) at 10% COHb curves.
  • No False Alarms from new boat smell or outgassing.
  • Full 5 year service life. End of Life clock starts when power is applied, not in inventory or on
    retail shelves.
  • No nuisance alarms caused by temporary background levels of CO.
  • Alarm Mute button silences alarm while boat is ventilated.
  • Low Current Draw. Innovative micro current circuit saves precious battery power. 37 milliamp
    (.037 amp.) current draw.
  • 62-541-R-Marine and 62-542-R-Marine include normally closed relay. Use to turn on exhaust fans,
    remote horns/lights/signals or connect to alarm systems.
  • Listed NMMA Component. Meets ABYC A-24, Marine CO Alarm.
  • Listed to UL 2034 Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Marine Use.
  • Meets ISO: 12133 Small craft — Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection systems.


62-542-Marine Flush Mount Models:

62-542-Marine-WT (White)

62-542-R-Marine-WT (White)

CASE DIMENSIONS: 4.5” W x 3.25” H x 1.25” D