Wallas 800DSL Diesel Stove

Wallas 800DSL Diesel Stove

The NEW Wallas 800DSL is a super compact diesel cooker designed for small boats, slide on campers, teardrop caravans or van conversions where only a single cooking position is needed. The 800DSL features the Wallas design ceramic surface, making it easy to clean and comfortable to use. Say goodbye to gas and hello to clean, odor free, dry, easy to use diesel cooking.

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The 800DSL has the following features:

  • reduced depth below the benchtop from the previous 800D (227mm down to 180mm) saving further space
  • no naked flames, all combustion is totally enclosed inside the stove
  • easy to use self ignition and heat control via a simple control panel
  • flat ceramic glass surface is easy to clean and has the edges protected from accidental damage by a stainless steel border
  • diesel cookers do not add to cabin moisture like gas, all exhaust and moisture goes outside
  • super fuel efficient, using 200mL of diesel per hour maximum
  • optional 220 heater lid available to allow the cooker to be an air heater, saving further space
  • coaxial exhaust system ensures cool exhaust piping and provides greatly enhanced wind resistance, maximising exhaust protection, while meeting the most stringent safety regulations.
  • all marine grade stainless steel construction
  • hand made in Finland to exacting standards, with servicing approx. every 5 years (depending on use) is expected to last the lifetime of the vehicle/boat.
  • 2 + 1 year warranty backed by Dieselheat

Avoid gas compliance, gas safety issues, handling heavy and rusty gas bottles, excess moisture inside due to gas combustion and go all diesel.

Note: Marine or RV exhaust, heating lid and pot holders are sold separately. We have exhaust kits available for both marine and RV/off grid applications. For additional options, please see the Wallas Stove and Oven Accessories section on the website, or contact us directly for more information.