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Vansat Easy Vue Portable Satellite Dish

This unit is totally portable and is perfect for use when you are travelling.

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We are very excited with this new product.  This unit is perfect if you do not have room on your caravan or motorhome roof to install an automatic Satellite.  This unit is totally portable and is perfect for use when you are travelling.  It is compatible with vast and foxtel.  There are no ongoing for fees for VAST reception.  Separate television with appropriate decoder is required.  VAST can supply Foxtel and VAST decoders as required.  Foxtel subscription fees apply (if applicable).  This unit has an anti theft stainless attachment point.  The EASY-VUE comes with a 3 year warranty.  This unit is design to operate with the lid on so no damage can occur.


EXPECTED VAST COVERAGE*                                                           EXPECTED FOXTEL COVERAGE*†

* Reception requires clear view of NE sky. Coverage maps are indicative, not guaranteed. NO ongoing fees for VAST reception.
Separate television with appropriate Decoder required. VANSAT can supply Foxtel and VAST Decoders as required.
† Foxtel subscription fees apply (if applicable). Anti-theft Stainless Attachment Point. The EASY-VUE carries a Three (3) Year Warranty



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