Eberspacher Premium D2L AS3 Diesel Air Heater Install Kit (12V )

Eberspacher Premium D2L AS3 Diesel Air Heater Install Kit (12V )

Enjoy warmth, comfort and the quietest heater on the market with the Eberspacher D2L AS3 diesel air heater. The best diesel air heater out of Germany.

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Eberspacher is undoubtedly the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of diesel air heaters. If you want the best, including no more ticking fuel pump, the quietest, most reliable heater, the best high-altitude performance, and the most comprehensive install kit – the new D2L AS3 Eberspacher is the way to go.

Backed by a two-year warranty and Lifestyle Equipment & Supplies' focus on excellent service, you will enjoy more red wine and cheese sitting around in the warmth, followed by a good night’s sleep, knowing that if you need help, we have your back.

New D2L Features

  • Easy start pro full digital controller
  • Brushless motor with longer service life and stepless power control
  • Super quiet fuel pump (no ticking)
  • Quieter blower (fan)
  • Stepless heat output levels and improved temperature regulation
  • Built-in altitude sensor up to 3000m.

Lifestyle Equipment & Supplies Premium Kits Have More

With Eberspacher PREMIUM from Lifestyle Equipment and Supplies, you get a kit that combines the top-notch new Eberspacher model D2L heater with our best install components – it’s better than a standard Eberspacher kit. Our Kits Include what the others don’t:

  • Combustion inlet silencer
  • Inline fuel filter, joiners and clamps
  • 1m extra ducting (2m total)
  • Printed installation instructions (not just a DVD)

Plus standard kit components

  • Espar / Eberspacher airtronic D2L diesel air heater
  • Easy start pro digital controller
  • Heavy-duty mounting plate
  • Fuel pump (12v)
  • Fuel hose
  • Fuel T-piece kit
  • Exhaust Silencer / Muffler
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe
  • Combustion intake pipe
  • 1m Flexible ducting (60 mm. diameter)
  • Inlet / Outlet grills (on the heater)
  • Air outlet grill (60 mm. diameter)
  • Screws, clips, and plastic straps required for installation.

The Eberspacher D2L Airtronic diesel-fueled heater offers optimized fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes, and unsurpassed safety standards. It is certified for installation in passenger areas and proximity to dangerous substances.

The D2L is the updated version of the D2 – featuring better high-altitude performance, a much quieter fuel pump, a long-lasting brushless motor, and stepless heating from 850W to 2,200W.

The standard heater is suitable for regular heating operation up to an altitude of 3000 meters; for operation above 3000 meters, an altitude kit will be required.

Please note that this kit does not include a fuel tank. We have an extensive range of fuel tanks available; check the fuel tank section of our website.

We specialise in ready-to-go caravan kits, plus we can advise you on and prepare custom kits for boats and tiny houses.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm